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Bulletproof your Business

Oct 15, 2018

Michael Levitt: Living Life with a Full Glass  


In this episode, Spike and Michael discuss:  

- How personal boundaries aren’t barriers.  

- Teaching how to achieve success.  

- Knowing that it is safe to say no.  

- The effect of burnout in medical careers.  



Key Takeaways:  

- Don’t live your life on empty. Boundaries help you recharge and care for yourself.  

- You should always feel safe enough in a workplace to say yes or no with confidence. 

- We need to work together as a community to make jobs safer for everyone.  

- You are setting the example for your team’s work life harmony.  




"Demonstrate a proper life harmony." — Michael Levitt  


About Michael Levitt: 


Michael Levitt with Breakfast Leadership, and published author of 369 Days: How to Survive A Year of Worst-Case Scenarios, brings people back to life. Focused on helping individuals and leaders within corporations (Re)Learn BOUNDARIES in their work and personal lives – So that they can accomplish more, by doing less, which will save their careers and possibly their lives.   
Michael lost his health, his job, his car, and his home all in 369 days. Michael teaches people on how that happened to him, so that they can make the crucial changes in their lives to prevent those losses from happening to them.   
Michael grew up in Metro Detroit and has lived and worked in 3 of the 6 Original 6 NHL Cities (Detroit, Chicago, Toronto.)  


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TEDx Talk: Safety is Dangerous  





Show notes by show producer/podcastologist: Laura Gray  

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